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Bootable Media[edit]

!! Creating a bootable USB from linux is cancer as fuck. Since the newest windows versions the install media is larger than 4gb and thus unsupported by fat32. Cant boot from nfts dont think you are smart to just format your usb that way.

You need to use windows media creation tool.

Restoring Grub[edit]

Ideally you want to install windows first and then linux (force uefi in the setup), so that you can boot both operating systems.

If you install windows last, it will just override your grub install and you can only start windows. FUCK YOU WINDOWS FUCK YOU FOR THAT SHIT. GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR OWN ASSES, YOUR OS SUCKS DICK AND YOU ARENT THE ONLY ONES ALIVE.

In order to restore grub you can use the ubuntu live CD/USB and the tool they packed on it. Link